Chatzy Review – Free Private Chat Website

With Chatzy Chat, anybody can join and create random chat rooms online for free. If you want more features and pay more, you may upgrade to the premium plan. But is it worth your time and money to visit this website? Of course, you must evaluate its characteristics first. So we’ve written this informative post for you.

Chatzy allows anybody to establish a chatroom for free. You may remain anonymous during the discussion and visit the site without registering. Members cannot see one other’s personal data. This is a core element of this random stranger chatting website. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Highlights of Chatzy 

  • Chatzy knows how to liven up a chat room. These features are designed to make your chat room experience more enjoyable. It also provides essential functions for administrators and moderators. Among the special features you may enjoy are:
  • Visitor Rank: When visiting a Chatzy room, you can add a ‘Visitor Status.’ This is a guest message. The visitor pane icon or the following instructions can modify your 
  • Status: /status Set your online status.  /away msg This lets you design an away message and let folks know what you’re up to. /message This leaves a note to everyone in the chatroom that you’ve left.
  • Messages: No one else can view your private communications, not even the room administrator. Please click on the visitor’s name or put in /pm [name] [message] in the chat to send a private message.
  • Saved Messages: This is a list of all private messages you’ve received from all rooms. They are in “My Messages.” These messages are only saved locally.
  • Messages: Global communications are private. The distinction is that global communications go to everyone in the room. By default, only admins and moderators may send global messages. The room administrator can adjust the room settings to allow everyone to send global messages.
  • The ‘Room Board’ is the little text in the chat room. This might be a moving or highlighted message or a reminder of the room regulations. Premium users can update their room board settings as frequently as they wish.
  • Ahead-of: With this functionality, you may join a chat without triggering any system messages. No one else can use this feature.
  • Temporary Chat Closure: When away or offline, room admins and moderators can close a chat. This is done for safety. To adjust your room’s availability, use /close to close it and /open to reopen it.
  • Quiet Newbies: You can opt to ignore a beginner. Newbies are visitors who visited your room without prior invitation. It is only available in premium rooms. You can also mute unregistered users, members who haven’t been active for 24 hours, and all new members.
  • Ignore Guests: This function allows you to ignore a certain individual. You won’t be able to see their new posts or private messages if you ignore them.

Quick Pros and Cons 


  • This site has a lot of inbound links from reputable sources.
  • Validity of EV SSL certificate
  • More than three years have passed since the launch of this website.
  • The business offers an ANDROID application.
  • There is an iOS app for the firm.


  • Many people have complained about this website.
  • Although a Facebook page was located, the number of people who could see it is rather limited.
  • Instagram account discovered, however it has a modest following
  • There is no mention of this company in Wikipedia.
  • No such account exists on Pinterest.
  • No such account exists on LinkedIn.
  • There was a problem accessing your Twitter account.
  • No such Youtube channel exists.

History of Chatzy 

According to the Chatzy FAQ page, It was launched in 2001 with an aim to provide free Chatting services. After that it started growing day by day. Now this site hits over 

Simple to Use

Despite the ease of registration, this service provides a higher level of security than other sites. After registering, users are confronted with a webpage that appears to be extremely complicated right away. The design and style are rather old, which may make it unappealing to people searching for something more contemporary. The colour and layout aren’t really pleasing to the eye, and the chat rooms feel like they belong in the early days of the internet. In the chat rooms, a plethora of various coloured usernames display, giving users a lot to focus on, which might be tough to adjust to. The arrangement of the navigation bar, which runs along the left-hand side of the screen, works in its favour. Users may customise their settings, view their private messages, and invite or share their own room with others. This is really nothing more than a basic chat service, which is ideal for people seeking for something similar.

There is no search function because this is just a conversation site. As a result, users will be unable to search by username or by profile. This means they can only access the chat rooms, where they may interact with tens of thousands of other users.

If users connect with someone in the chat room, they can click their username to send them an instant message, but that’s about the extent of the service’s ability to locate individual people. As a result, if you want a tailored search, this is probably not the solution for you.

Security & Safety

This is an online chat service, and these kind of services are frequently cheap and simple to use, which implies they lack security. However, users must tick a box to authenticate that they are not a robot, which is refreshing. They may finish the verification procedure by getting their six-digit code from their email and entering it into the site once they’ve accomplished this step. This improves members’ dating safety, which is a good thing. Users who have questions can consult the FAQ, which is comprehensive enough to address most of them, but there is no method to contact the customer support team.

Chatzy Key Features

There are several features on the site that make it enjoyable and fascinating. The moderators can simply manage the chat rooms using them, and room users can effortlessly join the conversation.


You may use a variety of instructions to set up your online status and notify other users about it. It appears to be a message that appears when you enter the chatroom.

Set the status with one of the commands:

/status — indicates that you are not online right now and informs when you will be back.

/away enter the message to other users> — shows that you are not online right now and tells when you will be back.

/leave — exits the conversation and notifies everyone that you have exited.


You can have private conversations with other platform users. Even if you are not a registered user, you may send a private message to another chatroom participant by clicking on their name in the menu.

Another option is to use the /pm [username] [private message] command in the common chat area. The name of the individual to whom you wish to send a personal message is known as the username.


In the “My Messages” area, you’ll discover all of the messages you’ve ever received from other members or non-members. It makes no difference whether they were submitted by participants of a single chatroom or from many chatrooms.


This is a unique function that is only available to chat room administrators, creators, and moderators by default. They can send a private message to all guests in the room at the same time, which is known as a global message. The chatroom administrator can implement a rule allowing anybody to send these types of messages. You may also set this up if you are the room creator.


When you first enter the chatroom, you’ll see the pinned message at the top. It usually provides the chatroom’s rules or the main topic of conversation. It’s called the “Room Board,” and it may be altered at any time by the premium room’s administrator.


If you’re an admin, founder, or moderator of a chatroom, you may listen in silently or start a new conversation without triggering any system signals.


You may utilise the function of temporarily shutting the chat to keep track of the dialogue in your room while you’re away. People may still use the room, but no one can write anything in the conversation. You may use the simple commands “/close” and “/open” to switch off and on the possibility of entering messages for everyone.


We previously said that you would not be allowed to type anything in specific chatrooms without the approval of the admin. It’s called “Silence Newbies,” and it’s only accessible in premium rooms. Without an invitation, everyone who joins the chat will be unable to type messages. They might be anything from:

any newcomer in this group; non-platform members; people who have only been registered for less than 24 hours.


You may ignore a certain user’s messages, which means you won’t see anything he or she writes to you individually or puts in the general chat.

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With good reason, Chatzy is one of the most popular chat platforms available. It’s completely free and simple to start talking without having to create an account. However, some customers may choose other platform due to the chat platform’s old design and unreliability of the Android app (as well as the lack of an iOS version).